The making of Six Foot Snake

Initially discovered by Peter Gabriel, Six Foot Snake sees the return of former Realworld artist Pina and her musical collective 10 Stone 20.


This was probably the first time in my life where I started to write purely for the fun of making music. It was a great feeling to free myself of the guitar and let my voice follow or dictate the way through and out of the three fours that I am so in love with.


10 stone 20 made it possible to turn up the overdrive and create this new sound. They are: Andrew Hogg, Duncan Lutz, Jon Hemmersam and Niels Præstholm. I admire each of them for their deep knowledge of their musical instrument and the passion they have for it.


The songs have been mixed by my old friend Tchad Blake. Previously, when my voice was discussed and worked with in the context of folk music, he always seemed to understand it from a different angle and think outside the box. I cannot believe that after all these years and in spite of the great distance, we have managed to merge vision and voice together. Thank you so much for your wonderful input!


Conceived in Denmark and Austria, added to in Ireland and polished in Wales these songs are truly international in nature and cannot be pinned down to one particular place- neither in style nor in instrumentation. May the world hear us all play together…… for the love of music.